Scenarios of Feni municipality is changing...

Dhaka, Wednesday   04 August 2021

Scenarios of Feni municipality is changing

 Feni Correspondent

 Published: 06:40 PM, 24 May 2021   Updated: 06:43 PM, 24 May 2021

Rajaji Dighi in Feni

Rajaji Dighi in Feni

The dwellers of Feni municipality is getting rid of traffic jam, pollution and possession. Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miaji is working to this end in order to make every sector of the municipality free from corruption. He wants to give the residents of the city a clean and beautiful municipality.

In order to build a modern and clean municipality, work has already started to enhance the beauty of every road, around Shaheed Minar and sidewalks. The sidewalk in front of the Shaheed Minar has been vacated and walkways and fences have been constructed. Trees have been planted for decoration, lighting has been arranged.

Feni Shaheed Minar

The Razajhir Dighirpar at the center of Feni city has become a recreation center. Adequate lighting on both sides of the lake, improved stairs to get down to the lake, planting of trees in the middle open space, installation of fountains and benches for sitting has been provided including carpeting on the roads. It has cost Tk 3.71 crores.

Feni Municipality Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miyaji said, “Anyone who comes to the city will first witness the beauty. We have undertaken extensive programs to enhance the beauty of the city and keep the city neat and clean. Some have already been implemented, the rest are ongoing. We will build Feni as a model municipality with the help of its inhabitants.

Lighted and clean pavement

Regarding the waste management of the municipality, the mayor said that it has been instructed to clean up the garbage before sunrise. Besides, arrangements are being made to build a boundary wall at Dewanganj to reduce the suffering of the people at the garbage dumping station.

Announcing plans to ease traffic congestion, the mayor said battery-run rickshaws have already been banned in the city. Unplanned CNG autorickshaws will be brought under control. A service called 'Nagar CNG' will be launched for the benefit of the citizens.

Walkways and stairs on the banks of Rajaji Dighi

Over waterlogging, he said, drainage system will be made for water drainage before the monsoon. Illegal canals will be liberated.

Expressing firm belief to make Feni municipality free from corruption the Mayor said, "I will not look at what has done in the past. From now on the municipality will be hundred percent corruption-free. I have clearly told the officials and employees not to get involved in corruption. Strict action will be taken if anyone defies this. No irregularities will be tolerated."

Asking for everyone's cooperation, the mayor said, "It will be possible to build Feni as a modern city only if everyone extends their helping hands. This responsibility is not only mine but of all the citizens of the municipality."