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Say ‘No’ to Mental Stress

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 Published: 10:07 PM, 5 August 2019   Updated: 10:11 PM, 5 August 2019

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Mental stress is a part of our life. But feeling extra stress is very harmful, its effects on the body. So the extra pressure must be controlled. There are some ways to relieve stress which everyone should follow. Let's know the ways of releasing stress-

Don't worry too much about others

Thinking about others is one of the major reasons for increasing stress. Another problem would be that when you think about other people, you will have an attitude of comparing yourself with others. You will feel mental stress in terms of money, social status, rank, ornaments, clothing, beauty, etc. So be happy with what you have.

Do not take the excess burden

You should be conscious about your own responsibilities and duties with utmost sincerity. Don’t try to take extra responsibility. It will be a burden for you and it creates extra pressure on you.

Avoid inwardness

Excessive relationships with people are one of the causes of stress. So keep in a limited relationship with relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, etc. The bigger the relationship, the more likely you are to fall into the trap of obligation.

No to greed

Don't be like that person who is always worried about the growth of money, wealth, rank, etc. Little satisfaction is very important for mental peace.

Become frugal

Do not waste your wealth, comfort and ease beyond your capacity. Those who artificially dedicate themselves are waiting for people to thank and appreciate their works and behavior. But if they don’t get it, they become mentally unstable and tension arises.

Use the day properly

Enjoy this day well. Give it up to God what will happen tomorrow. Along with worshiping, enjoy the blessings of Allah with ease. Do not increase your mental stress by thinking about tomorrow.

Spend some time alone

Spend some time every day alone in solitude. Don’t maintain relations with anyone in the world at this time. Stay away from social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. In particular, take time to self-criticize.

Read books

Read books on various topics, read the biographies of the wise, read their advice and valuable sayings, then their life experiences and advice will ease the way you go in life.

There may be welfare in danger

Don't worry too much about the dangers and problems in your life, such as financial problem, poor results in the exam, unhappiness, etc. Rather simply accept. In danger, there may be welfare that is not outwardly visible to humans.

Don't take everything seriously

It is not right to take every word or action of a person seriously. It is not right to analyze everything in depth. Rather be happy and learn to smile while meeting people.

Take care of the body

Essential food, sleep, rest is needed for the body. So pay special attention to these aspects.

Work in a organize way

Make the list of the most important tasks on a daily basis. But do not put yourself in trouble for doing so. Remember that unorganized activities increase mental turmoil and create stress.

Avoid the mentality of perfection

Forget the idea each work has to be perfect. Because humans don’t have the quality of being fully perfect. Those who are conscious to complete all the tasks accurately are surrounded by anxiety, tension, and restlessness. As a result, mental stress takes extreme shape.