Saudi rejects Prince’s involvement in Khashoggi killing...

Dhaka, Saturday   10 April 2021

Saudi rejects Prince’s involvement in Khashoggi killing

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 Published: 12:11 PM, 27 February 2021   Updated: 02:19 PM, 27 February 2021

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia has rejected the US intelligence report on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, accusing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of approving the gruesome murder.  

“Khashoggi was assassinated with the approval of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,” according to a report released on Friday by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Shortly after the report was released, the Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a statement rejecting this.

The statement said that Saudi Arabia completely rejects the “negative, false and unacceptable assessment” of the country’s leadership. “The report contained inaccurate information and decisions,” the Saudi Foreign Ministry said.

The killing of Khashoggi is a “heinous crime and a gross violation” of the laws and values of the Saudi state. The killings took place in defiance of all the rules and regulations of the organizations in which a group of people worked, the statement also said.

The statement added that the Saudi court had convicted those involved in the killings. Jamal Khashoggi’s family also welcomed the sentence.

In October 2018, Khashoggi, a columnist for The Washington Post and a fierce critic of monarchy policy, was brutally murdered by Saudi agents at the consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He went to the Saudi consulate to get the necessary documents for the marriage.

The DNI report confirmed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as other intelligence agencies, were investigating the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul.

Former United States President Donald Trump did not release the four-page report. After taking power on January 20, President Joe Biden released the report as per his promise made to the Khashoggi family.

Following the release of the report, the Biden administration imposed a travel ban on 76 Saudi nationals. Besides, financial sanctions were also imposed on Major General Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Asiri, a close associate and advisor of Mohammed bin Salman.

Asked about Saudi Arabia’s rejection of the report on Khashoggi’s assassination, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said: “Everything is mentioned in the report. The Biden administration is trying to be transparent about Khashoggi’s assassination, and we made available to the Americans what we have learned from the investigation.”