Saudi dates in Gazipur

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Saudi dates in Gazipur

 Shamsul Haque Bhuiya, Gazipur Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 10:05 PM, 23 April 2018  

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

It is possible to cultivate improved varieties of date palms in the weather conditions of Bangladesh. It has been proved by some successful farmers a few years ago. Many are building new date palm garden.

Farmers are also interested in the cultivation of date. `Date` in Arabic, which is called Tumur. There are many varieties of dates in Saudi Arabia. There are also various names like Aizawa, Anbara, Sagee, Safawyi, Makani, Khalas, Wasali, Bahri, Salabi, Dairy, Labarum, Wannah, Safri, Sukarki, Khudri, Ruthan, Barhi and Maryam.

Nazrul Islam Badal of Pirujali Union of Gazipur has received 13 trees of Saudi Arabia date. He said that he will be able to sell in the market on July-August next.

Nazrul Islam Badal has made the nursery for the production date along with the garden. He is giving other farmers to the interested in the cultivation of saplings as soon as they sell them. Not only for the sale of saplings but for the people to know about the rules of date gardening, he has created a nursery named Saudi Date Palm Trees in Bangladesh.

Badal said that in the year 2014, 18 seedlings have collected from trees and started gardening with 10 kathas of land. Among them, three were collected from Saudi Arabia, 10 from Dubai, two from India and two from Kuwait for two years old. He took Tk 7 lakh 20 thousand to purchase 18 seedlings, he said.

He also said that after planting sapling (pens) from two and a half acres of land, he planted it in the plantation garden. Thus, his garden grew bigger. Currently, there are more than 100 date palms in his garden. Besides, there are about 5,000 different dates of different varieties. This year, in his date palm, he got the Saudi date of 13 trees. Among them, there are Aizawa, Anbara, Safawyi, Ruthan, Barhi and Mariam varieties.

At present, there is a variety of saplings of date in Nazrul`s garden. In Saudi Arabia, Saudi date palm saplings have been sold at around Tk 62 lakh in 2017. In the current year, about 5 lakhs of date palm saplings have been sold. This year, collected 200 pens of plants from his garden. There are also more than 300 plants in the garden.

Generally, the date of flowering in Saudi-palm tree is February-March and fruits are grown in July-August. The dates are mainly grown in four stages. There is usually a waiting period of three to five years for the tree to produce fruit. However, it takes seven to ten years for commercial crops to produce fruits.

Aizawa, Medina Sharif`s is the best dates. It is black, white and very delicious to eat. Safawyi, this date soft. Dark brown colour It is fairly sweet to eat. One of the famous dates of Ambar-Madina, this date is in both large and small sizes. Anbara date is the light reddish black colour which is very sweet and large in size. Bahri date is very sweet and plum (cool), usually this date can be eaten raw. 

The official of Gazipur Department of Agricultural Extension said that the date garden is potential for Bangladesh. In this case, the seedlings will be collected from the branches. There are many more chances of yielding. The matter is now more challenging to us.