Alexa Saudi Arabia to avenge attacks on oil installations

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Saudi Arabia to avenge attacks on oil installations

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 Published: 02:06 PM, 22 September 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Saudi Arabia has threatened to avenge the attacks on two highly-regarded Saudi state-owned oil company of Aramco.

Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubaiah made the remarks at a news conference on Saturday, news agency Reuters reported.

He said “If Iran’s responsibility for the attack on the Aramco oil plant is proved in the investigation appropriate measures would be taken to respond.

However, he did not elaborate on the exact steps to be taken. Asked about this, Jubair said, "The government will take appropriate steps based on the results of the investigation to ensure the security and stability of the state." We are sure that the attack was not from Yemen, the attack was from the north. Investigators will prove it. "

“The weapons used in the attack are from Iran,” he added. A full investigation report of the attack will be published.”
Saudi Arabia has denied that Yemeni-backed Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco's two crucial oil installations were damaged in the September 9 attacks. The installation also houses the world's largest oil refinery.

Soon after the attack, the world's top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia's daily oil production, dropped by half. As a result, the world's daily oil supply decreased by five percent, and oil prices in the world market increased.

The attack was from the north and used Iranian weapons, Saudi Arabia has already said, in the investigation so far. The exact location of the attack will be confirmed in the next investigation, they said.

Saudi Arabia is consulting with its allies on 'taking the necessary steps', urging the world to take a stand on the issue.