Sahabi Tree: The last Fellow alive

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Sahabi Tree: The last Fellow alive

 Dhrubo Ekramul

 Published: 05:50 PM, 4 October 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Allah is Almighty, the One, and the Unique. He has sent many prophets or representatives to this earth to proclaim his sovereignty over the earth. They preached the oneness of God in this world. But the great Almighty did not just depend on the message of His representatives to prove his existence. He also made examples of His strength and power through innumerable wonders.

The Blessed Tree, a wonder of Allah’s grace in the world also known as Sahabi Tree. The last good fellow (Sahabi) alive, this is how people call this tree located in the inhospitable desert in northern Jordan. The Tree is one such tree that has been standing alone for the last 1500 years in a hundred square kilometers desert. Due to the rough climate of the desert, the tree was dry from birth. But once upon a time, by God's command, the tree got filled with green leaves and the tree is still green. This incredible tree is located in the middle of the Jordanian desert Safa. Abdullah, the King of Jordan, first declared the place a holy place.


At the age of 12, the greatest human being forever, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was traveling from Mecca to Syria with the caravan including His uncle Abu Talib. On their way, they arrived in Jordan near Syria. That area of Jordan was a heated sandy desert spanning hundreds of miles. Muhammad (PBUH) and his uncle Abu Talib were looking for a place to rest on the way. But they could not find. As far as their eyes reached, they could not find any trees.

But far away they noticed the dead tree. In the fiery desert, the tree was lean and leafless. Without getting any other alternatives, they decided to take rest under that tree. It is learned that when Muhammad (PBUH) had sat under the tree with his uncle, the dead tree became alive and the branches of the tree got filled with green leaves to give their shade. That tree is now known as Sahabi tree.

At that time, a Christian monk named Bahira had noticed this matter. When Bahira, retired in solitude in a cell nearby, saw the caravan arriving, he was impressed to realize that a little cloud was moving over the heads of some of the travelers, protecting them from the scorching sun. He was also very surprised to see that the branches of the tree sink down to the caravan that sat down to have a rest under its crown.


Then when Bahira came to talk with Abu Talib, he said, "I have never seen anyone to sit under this tree and this tree was leafless but today the tree is full of leaves.” He asked about the name of this boy. Uncle Abu Talib replied, “Muhammad.” The monk asked again, what is the father's name? “Abdullah”. “Mother's name?” “Amina”. Upon seeing the boy Muhammed and knowing his identity, the clergyman had nothing left to recognize that this was the much-awaited last prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The pastor called Abu Talib and said, "This boy is the head of the world, the leader of the world, and he will be the last prophet of the world. I read about him in the Bible and I declare that this boy is the last prophet. Bahira then exhorted Abu Talib to keep the youthful fellows, in light of the fact that sometime it will convey gifts to humankind.

Today, the tree is still filled with green leaves. Surprisingly, no tree can survive in the wilderness where this tree is located. The only horizontal pair of desert and desert around the tree. Standing alone in the heated sandy desert, the tree has been witnessing the infinite power of Allah, as well as the memory of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).