Sabrina wanted to be ‘heroine’, goes waste after marriage...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 May 2021

Sabrina’s rise, indecent lifestyle; Photoshoot flooded on social media

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 Published: 09:12 PM, 13 July 2020   Updated: 10:08 PM, 21 July 2020

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JKG Health Care Limited Chairman Dr. Sabrina Chowdhury alias Dr. Sabrina Arif Chowdhury has been remanded for three days after being arrested for cheating in the coronavirus test.

Meanwhile, since ever Sabrina's name came up in fraud cases, Sabrina's appealing pictures have been circulating online. Many have demanded her punishment by posting her erotic photos-shoots on social media.

The JKG Healthcare scandal has caused a stir across the country. How Dr. Sabrina's rise, misdeeds are now known to many. However, her personal life is still hidden.

Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain

Her real name is Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain. Her registration ID as a doctor in Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council is 11179. She used the name, Dr. Sabrina A Chowdhury, sometimes Sabrina Arif Chowdhury or Sabrina Sweet Chowdhury, etc.

She was the Registrar and Cardiac Surgeon of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, National Heart Institute and Hospital, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka. She is the fourth wife of Ariful Haque Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of event management and contractor JKG (Jobeda Khatun Public Health Services) Health Care.

Although Sabrina was a government employee, she also served as chairman of JKG Health Care and the Oval Group.

Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain

Just like Sabrina is Arif's fourth wife, Arif is also Sabrina's second husband. Sabrina's village home is in Dinajpur. Her father is former secretary Syed Mosharraf Hossain lives in his house on PC Culture Road in Shyamoli, Dhaka. Dr. Sabrina is the eldest of his two daughters.

Sabrina passed SSC in 1993 and later HSC from Vikarunnisa Noon School and College in Dhaka. Then she passed MBBS from Salimullah Medical College. Detailed information about Sabrina's first husband was not available.

Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain

It is learned that Sabrina's first husband was an official of a telephone service company.

Sabrina got her first posting in Dinajpur after getting a job as a health cadre in the 27th BCS. Later she was transferred to Dhaka Medical College. From there she joined the National Heart Institute and Hospital.

Dr. Sabrina is a well-known face in health discussions on various television channels. She also regularly took part in various talk shows on health issues. She used to give various tips to stay healthy and coronavirus free and to prevent it. She is now under discussion across the country after the information of Coronavirus test certificate forgery spread in from the organization. Police arrested her on Sunday. She was later remanded for three days.

JKG got the job of collecting samples as a voluntary organization early in coronavirus outbreak due to Dr. Sabrina. Their organization also did event management and contracting work under the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health. They set up 44 booths across the country and collected at least 27,000 samples from homes. Among them, about 16,000 fake certificates have been distributed. JKG used to charge Tk5,000 from Bangladeshis and 100 dollars from foreigners for each certificate.

Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain

Investigators said Sabrina became reckless after marrying Arif. Apart from traveling around the country and abroad, Sabrina lobbied hard to get event management and contract work in the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health. There are also allegations that she used some leaders of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) and Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad (Swachip) in this case.

Sabrina's dream was to become a heroine. Sabrina expressed this desire in an interview given to the online portal of a private television channel in 2016. Sabrina said, I once wanted to be a heroine. But due to the strict rule of my father, it did not happen anymore. I also got an offer to be a heroine. I used to go to rehearsals of acting in secret. However, on the day of the final shooting, my father understood everything. I was no longer acting!

Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain

Sabrina was also the chairman of the Oval Group.

Not only JKG, but also the chairmanship of the Oval Group was owned by Dr. Sabrina. The Oval Group's website has been down since Arif was arrested. But on a website maned Oval Group's Dhaka Expo-2019, Sabrina Chowdhury has been introduced as the Chairman for 11 times. Her name is also entitled as chairman on the profile of the Oval Group.

After the arrest of her husband Ariful

After the arrest of her husband Ariful, she adopted various ways to avoid arrest. The issue of Sabrina's involvement comes to the fore. She then started trying to avoid arrest through various means. The matter has been confirmed by the Tejgaon Division of Police and several officers of Tejgaon Police Station. She filed for divorce immediately after the case was filed against her husband. Then she went to the office regularly until yesterday.

Dr. Sabrina Sharmin Hussain

It is learned that she went to the offices of various officials and sought their cooperation to avoid arrest. Therefore, several leaders of BMA and Swachip also sided with her.

Harun Ur Rashid, the deputy commissioner of the Tejgaon division of the police, said the laptop recovered from JKG's office after Ariful's arrest contained evidence of 16,000 fake coronavirus test certificates. Ariful's wife Dr. Sabrina's name comes up as the chairman and patron of the organization. She was arrested as soon as her involvement was confirmed.

Harun Ur Rashid said, all the members of the JKG who were arrested have said during interrogation that Sabrina was the chairman of the JKG. Moreover, when allegations of attack on JKG's booth at Tejgaon College, Sabrina spoke to the media as a spokesperson for the institution. She trained field workers at Tejgaon College. Moreover, as a government official, she can never be the chairman of any organization.