Sabnam Faria’s sister suffering from oxygen shortage in India...

Dhaka, Sunday   13 June 2021

Sabnam Faria’s sister suffering from oxygen shortage in India

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 01:57 PM, 6 May 2021  

Sabnam Faria; File Photo

Sabnam Faria; File Photo

India has been facing oxygen shortage for a long time due to coronavirus. Besides Covid-19 patients, if a normal patient needs oxygen, the hospitals there have to struggle to supply it.

Now, Bangladesh’s popular actress Sabnam Faria’s elder sister Banya is in such a dire situation. She has been battling death due to oxygen crisis in Delhi, India.

In a long post shared on social handles Facebook, Instagram on Wednesday night, Faria said her elder sister has been suffering there, however, she didn’t mention whether her sister was suffering from Covid-19 or any other illness.

She wrote: “The day before yesterday when my elder sister said ‘Tripty, I’m having a lot of trouble’, I howled a lot after the phone call. My other elder sister lamented ‘Tripty, I help so many people, but our sister is having trouble abroad, it hurts me a lot.’”

“My father was a doctor. Everyone used to come to him when they suffered! Today my sister is suffering from oxygen shortage in Delhi! We are helpless, there is nothing to do,” she further wrote.

“A request to everyone, please pray for my elder sister,” Sabnam Faria urged her fans, adding, “Sitting in Dhaka, we have nothing to do but pray or ask for prayers.”