Saad Hariri renamed as Lebanon Prime Minister...

Dhaka, Friday   27 November 2020

Saad Hariri renamed as Lebanon Prime Minister

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 Published: 12:57 PM, 23 October 2020  

Saad Hariri

Saad Hariri

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has been asked to form the next government. Within a year of his resignation, he was again tasked with forming his fourth government.

The country’s President confirmed the nomination of Saad Hariri on Thursday. A majority of members of parliament voted in favor of his nomination.

Saad Hariri resigned on October 29 last year amid mass-protests.

After being nominated as Prime Minister, Hariri has promised to form a government as soon as possible. He said his government would reform the country and prevent the collapse of the economy.

After weeks of political ups and downs to negotiate a new government, Saad Hariri was nominated as Prime Minister again on Thursday.

After being nominated as Prime Minister, Saad Hariri said he would form a non-partisan cabinet.

After Hasan Diab resigned, Mustapha Adib was designated Prime Minister and has given the responsibility of forming the government. But he stepped down after failing to break a political stalemate over the formation of a cabinet last September.