S Korea tops in 10 most automated countries  ...

Dhaka, Friday   27 November 2020

S Korea tops in 10 most automated countries  

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 Published: 07:29 PM, 21 October 2020  



According to the data of the International Federation of Robotics, within four years the units of installed industrial robots have been jumped to 113 from 74 as the pace of industrial automation is accelerating across much of the developed world. 

It has been reported that there was a total of 74 installed industrial robots per 10,000 employees globally in 2016 while that increased to 113 across the manufacturing sector by 2020. 

Asia now has a robot density of 118 units per 10,000 workers with pushing the Europe and Americas back for carrying the figures of 114 and 103 respectively.  

South Korea leads the way in the use of robots, with 855 installed per 10,000 employees, followed by Japan (364) and Germany (346), however, China is one of the countries recording the highest growth levels in industrial automation. 

Let's have a look at the 10 countries with the highest density of robot workers.

No 1 South Korea (855)
No 2 Japan (364) 
No 3 Germany (346)
No 4 Sweden (277)
No 5 United States (228) 
No 6 Italy (212)
No 7 Belgium/Luxembourg(tie) (211)
No 8 Spain (191)
No 9 China (187)
No 10 France (177)