RpMC Hospital: 21 patients died in 3 days due to doctors’ crisis...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 June 2021

RpMC Hospital: 21 patients died in 3 days due to doctors’ crisis

 Rangpur Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:34 PM, 17 May 2021  

Rangpur Medical College Hospital (RpMC)

Rangpur Medical College Hospital (RpMC)

Most of the doctors, nurses and nursemaids of Rangpur Medical College Hospital (RpMC) were absent during the three days of the Eid holiday, as a result, 21 patients died due to not getting proper treatment.

The information was obtained after visiting various wards including the emergency department of the hospital on Monday and talking to the relatives of the patient.

Patients and relatives complained that specialist doctors, including the head of the department, do not come to the hospital very often after the outbreak of COVID infection. Medical services are running with registrars, assistant registrars and interns. Although more than 50 new patients were admitted on the eve of Eid and on the day of Eid, they are not being treated due to a shortage of doctors, nurses and nursemaids. Nurse work is being done with “contract employees”.

They also said that they have to pay Tk 200 to admit a patient in the emergency department and Tk 150 to take the patient to the ward on a stretcher. All medicines including saline have to be bought from outside.

It has been seen on the spot that there are no doctors-nurses in the wards. Chairs and tables are empty in all the rooms. The room of the doctors including the head of the department is locked.

Anwara Begum, who brought her father to the medicine ward, said no doctor had come since the day before Eid. “My father is seriously ill. The nurses asked me to do some tests, but with great difficulty, I got them from an “outside diagnostic center”. 

“Now I am waiting for the report, but who am I going to show as there are no doctors,” she said in an angry voice. 

Meanwhile, the condition of the Gayni ward is also deplorable, where more than a hundred patients are admitted. Some have given birth; some are awaiting surgery. The relatives of the patient complained that although there were two appointed nurses on a contract basis, they did not come since the day before Eid. 

Patients in ambulances, vans, private cars from different places are waiting for hours in the emergency department of RpMC. 

Most of the doctors and nurses were not there during the three days of Eid, said RpMC’s emergency department intern Dr. Sourav Saha, adding that they had to struggle to cope with stress, especially, the injured in the accident have suffered the most.

Rezaul, director of RpMC Hospital, said doctors, nurses and nursemaids were working hard. The situation of the emergency department will be looked into. If the allegation is proved, necessary steps will be taken.