Robot to combat Coronavirus...

Dhaka, Friday   29 May 2020

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Robot to combat Coronavirus

 Science & IT desk

 Published: 09:21 PM, 27 March 2020  

UDV Robots; photo: collected

UDV Robots; photo: collected

Coronavirus made the whole world scared. The number of patients is increasing day by day. The hospitals are facing a critical situation. Meanwhile cleaning becomes a very sensitive issue.

The cleaning process deals with more staff and increased risk of hospital staff as well. To disinfect these compromised areas modern countries like China and Italy are now depending on robots.

The Danish company Blue Ocean Robotics has invented UVD Robots that could disinfect hospitals. UVD Robots can disinfect areas with powerful ultraviolet light. The robots also can navigate through rooms, up and down elevators, and perform the disinfection autonomously.

Earlier, the UVC radiation was well accepted and had a good record to inactivate the SARS and MERS Virus.

UVD Robots are now sold over 40 countries that are now using it to combat the Coronavirus. 

Claus Risager, CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics said, "UVD is also seeing requests from beyond the hospital and healthcare space, including a prison that was having problems with Covid-19 cases among the prisoner population"

The company is now getting demands for robots to clean office spaces, production floors, retail stores, supermarkets, airports, hotels, and restaurants. 

“On the healthcare side, we grew from some countries to many countries, and every customer is asking for more robots,” said Risager. “But all those other market segments are even a much bigger market segment than healthcare.”