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Right way to clean makeup brush 

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 Published: 01:13 AM, 24 September 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

You must need makeup for going out every day or get ready for the party. This is why makeup brushes are most useful. However, just as makeup is the cause of various skin problems, makeup brush can cause of same thing as unclean makeup brush exacerbates the problem of acne on the skin. 

Let's find out the right way to clean makeup brush-

> First wash your makeup brush well in warm water. As the makeup brush cleaning soap is available in the market, take a little bit of that soap in the palm. Now gently apply the bristle tips of the makeup brush on the soap. Then wash the fibers of the brush well in warm water.

> You can also use shampoo wash in that case. You can wash these with good quality shampoo, however, alkaline soap cannot be used.

> If you have no shampoo at home, you can also use dishwasher liquid shop. But you have to mix a little olive oil with it. After washing the brush in this mixture, dry it well.

> Remember that water should not accumulate in the fibers of the makeup brush in any way. So squeeze the water well. Then dry the brush head with a dry towel. However, do not leave the brush in the towel in any way.

> The fibers of the brush should not be random. When dry, adjust the size of the fibers with your fingers.