Alexa Rifat killing mastermind Minni; says police

Dhaka, Monday   19 August 2019


Rifat killing mastermind Minni; says police

HC denies to stop remand

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 Published: 05:50 PM, 18 July 2019   Updated: 08:53 PM, 18 July 2019

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Minni, wife of murdered Rifat has confessed her involvement in the assassination of her husband Rifat Sharif, told Borguna SP Maruf Hossain to the press this morning. Meanwhile, the High Court did not issue any order in the context of the application to cancel the remand of Minni. Police also arrested Rishan Farzie, the number three accused in the case.

Sources informed, in the country’s most widely discussed issue, Borguna SP Maruf Hossain disclosed this information to the press at around 11 am this morning.

In the press briefing, Barguna Superintendent of Police Maruf Hossain said “Mininn had already been in touch with those who involved in the killing of Rifat and she took part in the planning of the killing.”

Earlier, Barguna SP Md. Maruf Hossain said at a press conference on Tuesday night that police arrested Minni in the case as she was initially suspected of involvement in the killings in interrogation. Asked whether she will be remanded, SP said that a remand will be sought against her for the sake of proper investigation of the case.

SP Maruf Hossain said that Minni was the first witness of the Rifat Sharif murder case. Her statement was recorded and she was brought to Barguna Police Line on Tuesday for questioning. It seems to us that she is involved in this incident after interrogation. That is why she was shown arrested in this case.

Due to the arrest of Maini, as the main accused in the case, the SP said that the information received from the long interrogation and other sources was found to be involved in the murder. So she was shown arrested.

 “She is directly involved in the killings” saying that, SP Maruf Hossain said, “The killing took place due to personal reasons and rage. Rifat's wife Minnni is directly involved with the assassination. So she was arrested for this.”

Meanwhile, a lawyer, appearing for the High Court to cancel the 5-day remand of Minni. On the day of the hearing, it was also mentioned in the court that there was no lawyer for Minni. However, the High Court did not issue any order.

On 26th, Rifat Sharif was stabbed severely in front of the main gate of Barguna Government College before his wife Minni, at around 10am. He died at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barisal at around 4pm on the same day.