Returned Neymar helps Brazil to defeat Ecuador 2-0...

Dhaka, Friday   25 June 2021

Returned Neymar helps Brazil to defeat Ecuador 2-0

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 Published: 02:55 PM, 5 June 2021  



Neymar scored in the return match for the national team. After defeating Ecuador, the Latin American region continued its winning streak by qualifying for the World Cup.

Brazil beat Ecuador 2-0 at Estádio Beira-Rio in Porto Alegre on Firday night. The Latin American giant strengthened the top spot after winning five matches. 

The two teams started slowly. Brazil put pressure on Ecuador’s defense by holding on to the wing. They got the first good chance in the match. In the 20th minute, Richarlison could not touch Neymar’s free-kick from 35 yards, as a result, Ecuador survives. Three minutes later, Gabriel Barbosa’s shot was deflected by visiting goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez.

Ecuador gradually attacked after overcoming the attack of Brazil. But they could not break through Brazil’s defense.

Barbosa sent the ball into the net in the 41st minute, however, that could not turn into a goal as the ball went to offside. Two minutes later, the Ecuadorian goalkeeper could not return Neymar’s long-range shot. His luck went well as the ball passed through the goal post.

Neymar took another shot from D-Box in the 64th minute of the second half. Domínguez took control of the ball by jumping.

Brazil went ahead in the next minute. After getting a nice pass from Neymar, Richarlison took a bullet-speed shot close to the side of the goalkeeper. This time, Domínguez could not save the ball, resulting 1-0 for Brazil. 

The Ecuadorian goalkeeper returned a similar shot from Gabriel Jesus in the 71st minute. Two minutes later another attempt by Barbosa failed. 

Barbosa almost took the lead in the 75th minute. However, he couldn’t keep Richarlison’s cross in the empty net. 

At the end of the match, when Ángelo Preciado fouled Jesus, the referee awarded a penalty with the help of VAR. Domínguez easily returned Neymar’s weak shot in added time. But before he took a shot, the PSG forward Neymar got a chance to take another shot. This time, he did not make any mistake and found the ball in the net. 

Brazil has widened the gap with Argentina by 15 points in 5 matches. Argentina is in the second position with three wins and 11 points with two draws. Ecuador is in third with 9 points.

Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia are in the next three places with 7 points. Brazil will face Paraguay next Wednesday. Ecuador will play against Peru at home on the same day.