Researchers’ success in medicinal plants to increase milk prod....

Dhaka, Saturday   06 March 2021

Researchers’ success in medicinal plants to increase milk production

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 03:49 PM, 12 February 2021  

Milk-producing cows; File Photo

Milk-producing cows; File Photo

A team of researchers from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) has come up with a way to increase cow’s milk production through food research with a mixture of four medicinal plants. Success has already been found in the study of grass mixed food.

Department of Animal Nutrition’s Professor Dr. Mohammed Al-Mamun, head researcher of the project titled “Effect of Medicinal Grass on Dairy Cow’s Conventional Feed Efficiency, Safe and Antioxidant-Rich Milk Production”, confirmed the information.  

He said one of the sources of non-vegetarian food in Bangladesh is cow’s milk. Farmers usually use harmful antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids to increase cow milk production. These elements are harmful to the human body in excess of certain levels. Therefore, research was undertaken using four medicinal plants as an alternative to harmful ingredients to increase cow’s milk production.

“The use of a mixture of medicinal drumstick tree, ivy gourd, pineapple remnants and lemongrass in the diet of dairy cows also increases the milk production with various nutrients including antioxidants, calcium and zinc,” said Professor Dr. Mohammed Al-Mamun. 

If farmers use the mixture with dairy cow feed, they will be able to produce safe milk rich in more nutrients. “Studies have shown that drinking this milk will increase the immunity of the human body,” he also said.

He added that a few factors have been considered in selecting these four types of grass. These are – availability of grass, cost analysis and organic and mineral quantity analysis.