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Dhaka, Thursday   04 June 2020

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Chloroquine-azithromycin can cure coronavirus in six days

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 Published: 10:09 AM, 22 March 2020  

Drugs for coronavirus treatment

Drugs for coronavirus treatment

Although incredible to hear, three different studies from three countries have claimed that coronavirus can be cured in six days. Three different studies from researchers in China, Australia, and France found that combined use of chloroquine and azithromycin can cure coronavirus infected patient in six days.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump also reported such information in a tweet on Saturday. He said that patients using drugs such as hydro-chloroquine and azithromycin could be cured.

A US-based far-right news and opinion website, The Gateway Pundit spoke to Mark Green, a former army surgeon, about reporting on the matter. He said that when chloroquine and azithromycin are used together, 100% of coronavirus patients recovered.

He said the previously used chloroquine for malaria, whose new version hydroxychloroquine is very successful in treating the Coronavirus. Three studies in Australia, China, and France have shown its success. In addition, azithromycin has also been used. The person suffering from these drugs has been recovering at some point in three days. However, within six days, the recovery rate goes to hundreds percent.