Reluctance in following hygiene rules in Barishal commuters...

Dhaka, Thursday   23 September 2021

Reluctance in following hygiene rules in Barishal commuters

 Barishal Correspondent

 Published: 06:47 PM, 24 July 2021  

A huge crowd of people was seen at Port Road Fish Distribution Center in Barishal city

A huge crowd of people was seen at Port Road Fish Distribution Center in Barishal city

The government has imposed strict 14-day restrictions to control the outbreak of coronavirus. “None can go out without urgent need” – is the main condition of the restriction, however, on the 2nd day of the lockdown on Saturday – starting from the Barishal market to alleys and main roads of the city – crowds of people were seen everywhere.  

On this day, Port Road, Bangla Bazar, Sadar Road, Amtala junction and other areas of Barisal city, especially raw markets, were crowded. 

It is learned that many people are leaving the house without any reason. Many are not even wearing masks, some are hanging masks on their chins. Although public transport is not plying on the main roads, rickshaws, motorcycles, private transport are all running. 

While asked a motorcyclist named Firoz, the reason for his outing, in front of the Kakoli intersection, he replied he went to the market to buy fish, however, returning home as he did not find any good fish.  

Zahid, who came out with his family on a motorcycle, said he was going to Nalchhiti with his family to see his ill father-in-law.

“I came to see how the lockdown is going on,” said a pedestrian named Jahirul Islam at the city’s Choumatha area. “When I came here, I saw everything was running except buses. Even people come out of the house. What’s the point of giving the lockdown?”

People are flocking at the raw vegetable market without masks or wearing masks on their chin

Visiting the Port Road Fish Distribution Center, a huge crowd of people was seen. Someone is buying fish from the market. Again, someone is roaming for no reason. Masks were not seen on most of the faces. 

Farida Begum, a woman who came to the fish market without a mask, said she doesn’t have any cold or fever and she is not “afraid” of coronavirus. “I came here to buy fish.  I am not here without any reason,” she replied angrily when asked her the reason for the outing.

There are more people on the streets today than yesterday, said a rickshaw puller named Alam, adding that his income in the lockdown is “not going so well”. Most of the people are walking.