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Dhaka, Sunday   09 May 2021

Ministry instructs to refrain from negative remarks on important persons on social media

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:36 PM, 7 May 2020   Updated: 09:59 PM, 7 May 2020

Graphics: Daily Bangladesh

Graphics: Daily Bangladesh

The Ministry of Public Administration has issued a circular on ‘Guidelines for Use of Social Media in Government Offices, 2019 (Revised Edition)’. The circular asked the government officials to refrain from posting and liking any post containing negative comments about important people of the state on Facebook and other social media. If anyone does not comply, action will be taken against him as per the law.

The circular was issued by the ministry on Thursday.

According to the circular, the Cabinet Division has formulated the policy to increase awareness among social media users in government institutions and ensure its proper use. The guidelines set out the do’s and don’ts of government agencies and employees using social media and ensure the necessary security and privacy.

It says to refrain from uploading, commenting, liking or sharing any post, photo, audio or video containing negative comments about any other state or state important person that tarnishes the image of the government or the state through various means of social media.

Any information contrary to national unity and consciousness should be refrained from, the circular said, adding “no information could be published that could hurt the religious sentiments of any community or contrary to the principles of secularism.” 

The officials must refrain from uploading, commenting, liking, or sharing any post, image, audio, or video that could disrupt communal harmony or undermine law and order. 

It further said that to refrain from giving any post which is degrading to a nationally important person, organization, or any other service or profession. 

No information on gender inequality or controversy can be disclosed. Writing, audio or video, etc. on any subject which may cause dissatisfaction or unpleasant attitude in the public mind may not be published or shared. Refrain from spreading baseless, untrue, and obscene information. 

About the management of social media, the circular further states that, everyone should be careful in any ‘content’ or ‘friend’ selection and avoid unnecessary tags, references or shares. 

The concerned employee will be personally responsible for the misuse of social media or harmful content in his account and action will be taken following the prevailing laws and regulations.