Record animal sale online in Bangladesh...

Dhaka, Monday   28 September 2020

Record animal sale online in Bangladesh

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 Published: 06:10 PM, 31 July 2020   Updated: 07:36 PM, 31 July 2020

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A record number of sacrificial animals have been sold online this time in Bangladesh. So far, about 27,000 cows and goats have been sold online.

This information was given at a joint online press conference of Dhaka North City Corporation and the E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh on Friday.

According to the press conference, the number of cows bought by the buyers after visiting the farmer's house or farm after seeing the pictures online will be several times more than the tally.

As of Friday (July 31), 27,000 sacrificial animals had been sold online across the country. The number of cattle sold online to merchants and e-cab members associated with Digital Hut is 6,800. The district-based government platform has reported the sale of at least 5,500 cows and goats. Narsingdi district is at the top in this, where 517 animals have been sold on government online platforms.

On the other hand, about 9,500 animals have been sold from the online platform of a company member of the Bangladesh Dairy Farm Association. The idea of ​​selling more than 500 cows from other isolated platforms has been found. The government platform Food for Nation has been able to track the sale of 4,000 cows. Thus the number of animals sold directly in the entire online market is coming out. It is estimated that more than 100,000 sacrificial animals have been indirectly sold in various online shops this time around. At least five lakh cows have been displayed on various platforms including Facebook.

About Digital Hut, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam said, "The combined work of DNCC, ICT Division E-Cab, ISSL, Dhansiri, and Sadiq Agro has been working day and night to make this huge task a success." There were various complex issues that they have solved with sincerity. I am personally supervising the management of slaughtering 400 cows. He himself will go to the slaughterhouse on the day of Eid and take care of the whole thing.

He appealed to the people of the city not to slaughter cows wherever they are and to cooperate with the city corporation in removing cow waste.

In this context, he said, 11,000 workers will be active in the entire waste management during the Eid holidays.

The Mayor thanked the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Livestock, Ministry of Local Government, Divisional Commissioner's Office, e-Cab, Dairy Farm Association, Daraj, Cash, MasterCard and all concerned associated with Digital Hat.

Shomi Kaiser, President, E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh, said, "We are going to deliver our services to the customer tomorrow by tackling various challenges." We have served both the benefits of the buyers and the benefits of the entrepreneurs. A number of new online entrepreneurs have also been created around the Digital Hat platform.

Mohammad Imran Hossain, President of Bangladesh Dairy Farm Association, said, “We have to maintain the quality step by step in this huge work. Especially since newcomers have given priority to their satisfaction in getting the customers accustomed to this online system. Because they have confidence in this new platform.

Rezwanul Haque Jami, Head of E-Commerce, A2I, said the task of creating such a platform in such a short period of time, connecting hundreds of entrepreneurs and creating awareness across the country and delivering 27,000 cows online to consumers would be a milestone in the history of e-commerce.

Azizul Haque, CEO of, said, "We have sold 237 cows online." There are some more buyers who have come to the farm and bought cows after seeing the pictures online. Everyone was benefited from the role that DNCC's Digital has played here, he added.