Rare moon rocks set to sale at auction for $2m...

Dhaka, Thursday   16 July 2020

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Rare moon rocks set to sale at auction for $2m

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 Published: 10:31 AM, 2 May 2020  

Scientists named it `NWA 12691`

Scientists named it `NWA 12691`

It's like a particle of the moon! The moon rock, slightly larger than a football, which was found in the Sahara Desert two years ago. The British auction house Christie's is going to sell a little bit of that piece.

It is the fifth-largest moon rock found on Earth so far. Scientists have named the stone fell from the moon weighing 30 pounds or 13 kg as 'NWA 12891'. The price of the moonstone particle has risen to 2 million dollars in the auction; news CNN.

The head of Christie's Department of Science and Natural History, Jemon Hyslop, said the stone had reached the earth in a rare event. This is a great opportunity to collect world-class samples of the moon.

Two years ago, the rock fell into the Sahara Desert after traveling at least 239,000 miles as a result of a shooting star on the moon.