Rare ‘Halloween Blue Moon’ sighting in country...

Dhaka, Sunday   28 November 2021

Rare ‘Halloween Blue Moon’ sighting in country

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 Published: 06:58 PM, 31 October 2020   Updated: 07:02 PM, 31 October 2020

The world is going to witness the rare ‘Halloween Blue Moon’; Photo: Collected

The world is going to witness the rare ‘Halloween Blue Moon’; Photo: Collected

Halloween has been celebrating tonight, the last night of October, in the western countries including United States, Australia. Now, the ‘Blue Moon’ is adding extra joy to this festival. A rare Blue Moon can be seen in the sky of the country on Saturday night.

The full moon was seen since Friday afternoon. Even today the sky is clear. Now, the rare cosmic scene ‘Blue Moon’ can be seen – not only in Bangladesh but from different parts of the world.

According to Irish astronomers, for the first time since 1974, Halloween and the full moon will appear together in Ireland and the United Kingdom. This is the second full moon of this month. The full moon usually occurs twice a month, but the second is called the ‘Blue Moon’.

The first full moon appeared on 1 October night and now the second full moon has been appearing on 31 October night. 

Though its’ name is blue moon, it is not completely blue, however, the moon looks brighter and bigger than usual. After 8:45 pm tonight that brightness will begin to diminish.

Experts say that the Indonesian volcano erupted in Krakatoa in 1883. Plenty of black ash accumulated in the air. At that time the sky turned black. Through this, the light of the moon fell looked blue. From there, the idea of ‘Blue Moon’ is believed to have originated.