‘Rape threat’ getting undressed: Real story disclosed...

Dhaka, Tuesday   01 December 2020

‘Rape threat’ getting undressed: Real story disclosed

 Chattogram Metropolitan Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:36 PM, 26 August 2020   Updated: 10:08 PM, 26 August 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Recently, a video and a picture got viral on Facebook where a youth named Sajjad Hossain Bablu where he was seen standing putting off her pant in front of her mother. A young girl on the video next to him was highlighted as the victim of ‘rape threat.’ So social media users strongly demanded justice of such an incident. Later on last night police detained Bablu for inquiry, then the real incident come to light.

Bablu is the son of Saleh Ahmed of Tong Fakir Mazar Lane area of West Madarbari under Sadarghat Police Station in Chattogram city.

Bablu’s father Saleh Ahmed said, “We have no problem with the girl who is being publicized on Facebook that my son has threatened to rape her. She is our neighbor.”

Asked who Bablu had misbehaved with, he said, “At that time, we were having a quarrel with Abdur Razzak next door. At first, Abdur Razzak made a bad gesture towards my son, and then he did the same thing as he could not control his anger. However, my son Bablu did not say anything to that girl. The girl came to observe the quarrel.”

Asked if there was any evidence of Abdur Razzak’s bad posture, Saleh Ahmed said, “Abdur Razzak has CCTV cameras in his house, so my son’s video has come. We don’t have CCTV cameras.”

Meanwhile, the family of the young woman (who was portrayed as a victim on Facebook) has made the same thing as Bablu’s family. The victim’s mother said, “My daughter came to visit here from her father-in-law’s house. There was a quarrel between the family of Abdur Razzak and Saleh Ahmed. Hearing the noise, she went to see what’s happened. But nothing happened with him (Bablu). My son-in-law came at night and took the girl away.”

Abdur Razzak denied the allegations and said, “Neither I nor any of my family members behaved badly. Rather Bablu did. Everyone has seen that.”

Asked whether Bablu did it for the young woman, he said, “He is rude to everyone. Everyone in the area knows him as a wicked. We have filed a case in this regard.”

A resident of the area, who did not want to reveal his name, said that there has been a quarrel between the families of Saleh Ahmed and Abdur Razzak for a long time. Their dispute is quite old. They always create an unstable environment in the area. For them, the environment of the area has been ruined.”

Asked if Bablu had misbehaved with the girl, he said, “As far as I know, nothing happened to the girl here. She just went to see. “

Noble Chakma, AC (Kotwali) of Chattogram Metropolitan Police, told Daily Bangladesh that Abdur Razzak’s wife had filed a case against Bablu alleging sexual harassment. He was sent to court on Wednesday in the case.

Earlier on August 19, the incident took place in front of Bablu’s house. On Tuesday, six days after the incident, a video and a picture of Bablu mentioning threatening to rape the girl went viral on Facebook. When the matter came to light, the police arrested Bablu from Agrabad area of the city that night.