Purbachal suburb: A booming market for fresh products...

Dhaka, Sunday   16 May 2021

Purbachal suburb: A booming market for fresh products

 Riaz Hossain, Rupganj daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:36 PM, 22 March 2021   Updated: 04:41 PM, 22 March 2021

Locals are selling fresh vegetables and fruits in the market set up in Purbachal suburb

Locals are selling fresh vegetables and fruits in the market set up in Purbachal suburb

Purbachal suburb has united capital’s 300-feet road, Gazipur’s Kaliganj and Narayanganj’s Rupganj. A market for fresh vegetables and fruits has sprung up in the Purbachal suburb centering the movement of millions of people in these areas everyday. The vegetables and fruits available in the markets are produced at home, for this, they are completely non-toxic and rich in nutrients.

Many low-income people are now self-sufficient by selling these vegetables and fruits produced on their own land in at least 10 places including Alampura, Samu Market, Gutiabo, Hararbari, Ichapura on the Kanchan-Kuril Bishwa Road and in the markets built in different sectors of the suburbs.

Market in Gutiabo area in ​​Purbachal suburb

Rustam Ali, 60, a resident of Alampura area (Sector 7 of current Purbachal suburb). As a resident of Sector 7 of the suburb, he got a plot of three kathas. He sold it due to lack of money. He is currently surviving with his wife and three children in a small tin-shed house on a plot of land belonging to another person. He cultivates different types of vegetables in the abandoned land around the house and sells those in different markets of the suburbs. He is currently running his family quite well.

“Many helpless men and women bring home-grown vegetables, fruits, milk-eggs, poultry and sell them in the markets of Kanchan-Kuril Bishwa Road. The market sits here from morning to evening. The working-class people buy these at relatively low prices while traveling on this road. As a result, the helpless people have become self-sufficient by overcoming the poverty,” Rustam Ali said.

Men as well as women come to sell their products

It is learned that many people rush to the Purbachal suburb to buy fresh vegetables at low prices on Fridays and Saturdays as well as five working days of the week. Numerous entertainment centers, hotels and restaurants have sprung up in the area on the occasion of the gathering of thousands of people here. The number of people gathering in the suburbs is increasing day by day as the communication system becomes easy.

It has been seen on the spot that the locals are producing non-toxic vegetables on most of the 4,500 acres of land in the acquired Rupganj region of Purbachal. No chemical or chemical fertilizers use in the products such as fruits, vegetables, milk-eggs, fishes farmed in ponds and lakes, as a result, the nutritional value remains intact as well as the low price.

Vegetables-fruits-eggs-milk available in Purbachal suburban market are completely chemical free, the price is also much lower

Anwar Hossain, a resident of Kuril in the capital, said he was satisfied with the market in Purbachal. “The products here are unadulterated on the one hand, and the prices are low on the other. The people of this area are also very generous,” he added.

Salauddin Bhuiyan, chairman of Rupganj UP in Narayanganj, said the landless, helpless people of the area have alleviated their needs by producing vegetables, fruits and eggs and milk on the land acquired in Purbachal. They are able to do business in the markets developed in the suburbs without any kind of broker-middleman domination. Many families are now self-sufficient by using the fallow land next to their houses.