Public transport resumes after 22 days of shut down...

Dhaka, Sunday   13 June 2021

Public transport resumes after 22 days of shut down

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 12:18 PM, 6 May 2021   Updated: 03:08 PM, 6 May 2021

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File Photo

After being shut down for 22 days, public transport has resumed inside the district cities including Dhaka metropolis. Buses have been seen plying in the capital since Thursday morning in compliance with the government’s decision.

However, most of the buses had relatively few passengers. While visiting Mirpur, Banani, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Technical, Gabtali, it was seen that buses have been plying on different roads in the capital with a small number of passengers since morning.

The disinfectant spray was seen in the hands of each bus driver’s assistant. Passengers are using it before boarding the bus. Most of the passengers were seen wearing masks.

According to the official notification, vehicles will not be allowed outside the district. Inter-district public transport has been shut down. At the same time, passenger trains and boats are also closed. These restrictions will remain in force till May 16. The next decision will be made when the COVID situation in the country returns to normal.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has issued five guidelines for public transport on the road. The instructions are —

  1. Inter-district public transport will be closed. 
  2. Not more than half (50 percent) of the total number of seats can be carried.
  3. In no way can extra fare be collected from the adjusted fare (60 percent increase in the existing fare).
  4. The vehicle should be disinfected with disinfectant at the beginning and end of the trip.
  5. The bus drivers, other workers and passengers must wear masks and the use of hand sanitizer should be ensured.

Besides, the Dhaka Road Transport Owners’ Association has issued several guidelines for transport owners, workers and passengers to follow the hygiene rules.

The instructions say no passenger can be picked up “without wearing a mask”. The vehicle owner will provide the mask to the staff. The bus has to carry half the passengers of the seats. No passengers can be boarded standing. In the lockdown, the owners and workers are living an inhume life. In this case, the ‘gate pass’ in the name of the owner’s association or transport company cannot be taken.