Alexa Protest sparked in West Bengal; 5 trains,15 buses set on fire

Dhaka, Saturday   25 January 2020


Protest sparked in West Bengal; 5 trains,15 buses set on fire

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 Published: 11:44 AM, 15 December 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

On the National Register of Citizens (NRC) issue, the West Bengal is now billowy in protest after the different states of India. In the West Bengal, protests began on Friday against the ruling BJP government’s citizenship bill, but on Saturday it spread widely. Protesters set fire to five trains and 15 buses in the blockade across the state.

Protesters set fire to five trains that were left empty at the Lalgola station in Murshidabad. Besides, the Poradanga, Jungipur and Farakka stations of Murshidabad and the Bauria and Nalpur railway stations in Howrah are also blocked.

Protesters blocked 34 National Highways connecting the state, West Bengal. The agitating people stopped 15 buses on-road and set fire.

State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankar have called all to stop the violence and keep calm.

Mamata said please do not close the railways and roadways. The suffering of the common people will not be accepted in any way. Those who are making sufferings, setting fire to the bus, damaging the property of the people must be brought under the law.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankara called for not taking any law into their own hands, but protesters did not pay hit to it. Rather, as time goes on, the turbulence grows, which eventually turns into anarchy. Protesters vandalized cars and blocked roads and set fire to various establishments.

Meanwhile, the turbulent situation in Assam and Tripura over the with citizenship laws has not been improved a much. Assam newspaper Jugasankha said the curfew in Guwahati was relaxed for several hours’ yesterday while clashed occurred with police. Police also fired heavy sticks and tear gas to control the situation. The same situation is happening in the neighboring states Tripura and Meghalaya. The internet service in Assam and Meghalaya has been shut down from Friday after an indefinite curfew due to turbulent conditions. The tech site TechCrunch said the information.

Assam officials have said that rumors using social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and YouTube could spread through sharing and posting information, pictures, and videos that could worsen the law and order situation - fearing that internet services have been kept shut down. The other two eastern states - Arunachal and Nagaland - have also been sparked in protests.