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Dhaka, Tuesday   17 September 2019


Problems in rotting jute

 Karim Ishaq, Rajbari Correspondent

 Published: 07:40 PM, 23 August 2019   Updated: 07:42 PM, 23 August 2019

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Farmers have fallen in danger to rot jute in Rajbari. The jute rotten in dirty water is being sold for half of the price. As the soil of the district is suitable for jute cultivation almost half of agricultural land has been cultivated jute in this year. Although jute cultivation has increased, farmers are now in a problem of rotting jute due to lack of water.

Jute has to be rotten in the kennel with mud. Due to decompose of jute in this dirty water, the color of the jute is not expected to be golden. Because of this, jute is being sold at half price in the market.

Farmer Sattar, Jalil, and Amjad said that there was such a shortage of water in Rajbari that after cutting the jute, we have to take the jute through car where the water is available. Jute is being pressed with banana trees and soil in a little water. It increases labor costs.

They also said that the condition of the market is good; quality jute is currently being sold in the market for Tk 1,800-2,000. And jute colored black getting Tk 1,000-1,200.

Agriculture Officer Fazlur Rahman suggested the farmers discard the jute fiber before rotting jute.

According to the data of the District Agriculture Extension Department, farmers cultivated 46,800 hectares of land last year. This year, jute cultivation has been done on 47,120 hectares of land.