Alexa Priyanka anxious over Nick’s diabetes!   

Dhaka, Tuesday   17 September 2019


Priyanka anxious over Nick’s diabetes!   

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 Published: 04:38 PM, 14 August 2019  



In December last year, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas started their new life through a royal ceremony at the Umed Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. They were married in Hindu and Christian customs. Since then, they've been showing fans their international romance. Once the news of divorce was spread on social media! Although Priyanka did not take these issues into her mind. The actress is now worried about Nick's diabetes. 

It is learned that in 2017, the sugar level of Nick Jonas was 700!  Where sugar usually needs to be between 70 and 120. During that, he felt thirsty much throughout the day, and his weight was reduced very quickly. After coming in a doctor’s observation he came to know about the extreme level of sugar. Singer Jonas was hospitalized shortly afterward and it was possible to control at that time.

But recently, Nick’s sugar levels have been increasing. Meanwhile, Priyanka keeps her eye open on Nick. Regarding this, Priyanka said, “Nick is extremely fascinating to me. He's a little bit careless. But that is also being alright.”