Alexa Priya Saha’s statement anti-state: NAP secy-gen 

Dhaka, Monday   23 September 2019


Priya Saha’s statement anti-state: NAP secy-gen 

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 01:39 PM, 20 July 2019  

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Priya Saha’s remarks about the minority persecution of Bangladesh to the US President Donald Trump is completely anti-national and anti-state, said Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh (NAP) secretary-general M. Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan. 

“The complaint against Bangladesh to Trump is intrigued and motivated. This is an outrageous conspiracy against the country. Bangladesh is a bright example of religious harmony. Many people damage for personal interest or not understanding the matter properly. Everyone should refrain from doing such work,” he told at a press release sent to the media on Saturday.   

He said, “Our Bangladesh is a country of thousand years of communal harmony. Our motherland is one of the brightest examples of communal harmony. We eat together, we participate together in everyone’s festivals. We even participate in family gathering programs.” 

‘We find a deep conspiracy against the country’ — mischievious cycles are working now to ruin our brotherhood, the harmony that is going on in the long run, said the NAP secretary-general. “They are working to create religious tensions, destroy communal harmony, destroy the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of Hindus and Muslims.” 

Referring the country’s exploitation history by the hands of East India Company over two hundred years, he said that those who responsible for country’s exploitation history — the descendants of Mir Jafar, Year Latif, Ghoseti Begum, Raja Rajbollov, Umichand, Jagatseth, Raja Nandakumar — still exist in this country. 

He said when they got the opportunity to go abroad — they try to conspire against the country. “What indicates this and whose motivates are behind this — the government should immediately deal with these conspiracies. Otherwise the country-nation and state may have to pay a hard price,” he added.