Prison guard supplying drugs to prisoners...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 October 2021

Prison guard supplying drugs to prisoners

 Jhalokati Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 08:34 PM, 7 July 2018  

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In Jhalokati Jail, there is an allegation against a prison guard that he has been secretly supplying drugs to drug addicts.  

Name of the accused is Sumon Mridha. After getting the basic authenticity of the complaint, he was removed from office duty and given RP and SANTRY duty.

Prison officer Tariqul Islam confirmed the matter. He said the process of taking disciplinary action against the defendant Sumon is underway. Prison guard Zahid Hossain and Suman Mridha had been serving marijuana and yaba for a long time to detainees in the case of Narcotics Control Act in Jhalokati jail.

Zahid Hossain was involved in yaba business at one stage. Jahid was arrested by the hands of Barisal DB police on July 6, 2010, with 40 pieces of yaba. After getting bail in a few months later, he again started yaba business. Prison guard Suman Mridha assisted Zahid in yaba business. Zahid was arrested last night on May 10. He is currently in jail in Jhalokati jail. The prisoner authorities dismissed him temporarily.

It is known that Zahid’s main associate Sumon Mridha established a relationship with drug addicts and traders who were detained in the prison for the purpose of duty at the Jhalokati office. 

Sumon started the drug trade in prison for the exchange of money by contacting drug addicts’ friends outside the prison. Besides, Sumon Mridha has been accused of extorting money from relatives who come to meet the prisoners in jail. The accused have been charged Tk 100-500 from per person.

Recently, when a wife of a businessman from Jhalokati, who was arrested in jail, went to kail to see him, Sumon Mridha took Tk 500 from her and took a bribe of Tk 1000 for the day when he came out of bail. Later, the businessman complained to the jail superintendent in this incident.

Jhalokati jailor Tariqul Islam said the action was taken against that prison guard. Sumon, a prison guards, was removed from office duty and given to RP and SANTRY duty. Disciplinary action will be taken if charges against him are proved.