Prince without hands runs family working in hospital...

Dhaka, Wednesday   28 October 2020

Prince without hands runs family working in hospital

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 Published: 07:08 PM, 14 October 2020   Updated: 06:04 PM, 24 October 2020

Prince without hands runs family working in hospital

Prince without hands runs family working in hospital

Man, working hard, wins the world through perseverance and mental strength. It has many proves in our society.

Many people have conquered the world despite losing a part of their body by birth or by accident. But everyone has a unique story and a different expression in his/her life.

They lead better lives than normal human beings. You may know the words of many. Today we will tell the story of such an indomitable woman who has conquered the world by overcoming many adversities in her life. She is none but Prince Gogai.

Prince Gogai, an inhabitant of Sonari, a small town of Asam in India, being handicapped by birth, has lost her hands, still did not give up hopes and aspirations. Though she is saddened by this limitation of life, she never cornered herself. Rather, she, working in a hospital, maintains the necessities of her family during the Covid-19 pandemic. Working in a private hospital, now she lives in Guwahati. Prince has utilized her legs to come to light her dreams. 

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From picking up the phone at the hospital to writing the names of the patients, this woman does everything with her own feet. Everybody praises her to look at her initiatives. Prince draws painting and sings songs except doing the job. If she gets time, she becomes busy with her hobbies. She draws aesthetic pictures by her feet. Few days ago, she made a portrait of Gonesh which was sold by Tk30,000.

Prince has also a dream. She wants to run an art school for physically challenged children. By selling these paintings, how much money she will earn invest for physically challenged children. She thinks these school children will learn artistic skills so that they can never think of themselves unable.

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Even the Prince's family has no regrets about their daughter's handicappedness. Rather they are proud of her. It is the girl who has shouldered all the responsibilities of her family. She did not get admitted to government school as she has not two hands. Besides, a teacher told her mother by calling that her child is a psychological disorder and so she could not be got admitted in this school. 

Then, one of the neighbors admitted Prince to a private school named Sonai National School. From here, she passed SSC. Then, she completed honors with arts from a college.

Having not physical ability, still Prince has a lot of encouragement to enjoy her life. Seeing this, many organizations have applauded her. Now, Prince is the inspiration for many handicapped children. Seeing her, many handicapped children of society can learn many things. In spite of not having two hands, she has gained immense acceptance for her talent.