Alexa President urges to build exploitation-free `Sonar Bangla`

Dhaka, Monday   26 August 2019


President urges to build exploitation-free `Sonar Bangla`

 Staff Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 08:51 PM, 7 January 2018   Updated: 01:33 PM, 8 January 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

President Mohammad Abdul Hamid urged Bangalee nation to falsify unwavering unity once again to build an exploitation-free “Sonar Bangla” by uprooting the terrorism and militancy from the society on Sunday.

“We have to work unitedly to root out terrorism and militancy from the society imbued with the spirit of Liberation War . . . Let’s honour the immeasurable sacrifice of the three million martyrs by expediting country’s democratic process and socio-economic development”, the President said while addressing the inaugural session of 2018 of the 10th Parliament here this evening.

In his 186-page scripted speech, President Hamid highlighted the present government`s different development activities in different areas, including economy, trade and commerce, agriculture, power, foreign relations, tourism, education, health, good governance, women and children development, sports and youth development, rural development, expatriates` welfare, science and technology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and public administration.

The session began with Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair. Leader of the House and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Leader of the Opposition Rawshan Ershad were present during the President’s speech.

Noting that the Jatiya Sangsad (JS) is a centre of all hopes and aspirations of the people, the President asked lawmakers, including treasury and opposition bench members, to play a constructive role in strengthening transparency, accountability, tolerance, human rights and rule of law and implement successfully the public dreams and aspirations of mass people.

President Hamid said the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been working relentlessly to build hunger and poverty-free, progressive democratic and non-communal “Digital Bangladesh” envisioned by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“There has significant advancement in the socioeconomic sector as a result of implementation of different projects and programmes undertaken in the light of the Perspective Plan and the 6th Five-year Plan based on the ‘Visison-20121’ and ‘Charter for Change’” , he mentioned.

He said the nation expects that Bangladesh will emerge as middle-income nation during the Golden Jubilee of independence in 2021 and a developed nation in 2041.

“We will be able to develop a welfare state based on an ideal society by achieving the targeted goals through establishment of good governance and social justice, institutionalisation of democracy and direct involvement of people in every spare of our society,” he hoped.

Referring to the successful trial of different sensational cases, including the Bangabandhu Murder Case and war crimes trial, President Hamid said the incumbent government is continuing its all-out efforts to consolidate the rule of law.

The President said the present government is endeavoring to establish Bangladesh as a developed and enlightened country in a democratic structure eradicating vengeance, bloodshed and confrontation from politics.

“The present government has been able to maintain sustainable economic growth. As per provisional estimates, GDP growth increased to 7.28 percent in FY 2016-17 while this growth rate was 7.11 percent in the proceeding FY 2015-16”, Abdul Hamid said.

According to the final estimates, the President pointed out that the average per capita national income increased to $ 1,610 in FY 2016-17 up $ 145 from the preceding fiscal year.

Due to the implementation of prudent fiscal and appropriate monetary policy, the government has achieved considerable progress in socio-economic sectors along with a stable overall macro-economic environment, President Hamid added.

He said after assuming the office in 2009, the present government has achieved a rapid and spectacular progress in various sectors, particularly in infrastructure, energy and power sector, ICT and attracting investments in private and public sectors which are reflected in different socio-economic indicators of the country.

Highlighting the ‘National Social Security Strategy’, President Hamid said the rate of poverty was reduced to 24.3 percent in 2016 while it was 31.5 percent in 2010 and the extent of extreme poverty, over the same period was also reduced to 12.9 percent from 17.6.

The President said despite various global and domestic challenges, the economy of Bangladesh has been able to maintain macroeconomic stability which has earned international acclaim for the nation.

“If the development continues fairly, the desired growth and the targets of SDGs are expected to be achieved leading Bangladesh to the status of a middle-income country by 2021 and developed country by 2041.