Pori Moni to contest election...

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Pori Moni to contest election

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 Published: 07:35 PM, 16 September 2018   Updated: 07:35 PM, 16 September 2018



Pori Moni, one of the most buzzed actresses of film, about a dozen films have been released so far. Before admitting in Cinemas, she has joined various charitable and social activities.

She has been seen helping several times to extend cooperation to the vulnerable people. Even in the last three years, she has distributed meat by sacrificing cow on the Eid in FDC.

Now the heroine is firmly committed to arrange those tasks organizationally. So Pori Moni decided to participate in the election. However, it is not a national or local level election, it has decided to fight in the next election of the Film Artists Association.

If everything is okay, Pori Moni will be taking part in the upcoming Bangladesh Film Industry Association elections next year.

Pori Moni said about taking part in the election, many of the film society people gave me this suggestion. At first, I didn't give much attention. After thinking about it, it was not bad.

The heroine also said, I always wanted to work for artists. Whether it is directly or otherwise, in the back. And since the society is of artists, it can be as well. Here we are ours. That is, all of them are Film society."

The question is asked before ending the word, then what position will you fight? Pori Moni said, "everyone who encourages me, has advised to fight for the bigger rank. But I do not want to say that I have a choice to elect. As the named in the field, I will be for the big position."

If this is considered to be a stunt-wise, then? after a smiling while, Pori Moni said, "There will be some people who will find fault with all good work."

"The issue of elections is not a stunt. Since the intention of the mind, Insha Allah will be participating in the next election. Time will say the rest only," he added.

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