Pori Moni is kind-hearted and art-minded: Kazi Hayat...

Dhaka, Sunday   24 October 2021

Pori Moni is kind-hearted and art-minded: Kazi Hayat

 Entertainment Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 01:18 PM, 4 September 2021   Updated: 01:18 PM, 4 September 2021

Pori Moni and Kazi Hayat; File Photo

Pori Moni and Kazi Hayat; File Photo

Pori Moni was released on bail on Wednesday (September 1) after a long 27-day imprisonment. Hundreds of well-wishers came to greet her with flowers after returning home. They showered this actress with floral greetings.

Meanwhile, Dhallywood’s legendary actor, producer Kazi Hayat is happy with the release of Pori Moni. He was the first person to speak out in support of Pori Moni after her arrest. Now, Kazi Hayat gave some advice to the actress.

“I request Pori Moni to work and move carefully. Our country is a patriarchal society. There is still a lot of time,” Kazi Hayat said. “There is still a lot to see. If she can move carefully, her future is bright. She needs to recognize the people around her.”

Requesting others in the film industry, Kazi Hayat said, “I request all those who will work with her (Pori Moni) should also guide her properly. No one should misguide her.” 

“I didn’t know her before, as much as I heard from others after the arrest – Pori Moni is a good girl and art-minded. I also heard that the girl is very kind-hearted. Such an awesome girl has never come before in the film industry of our country. She is very generous.”

“From my long experience, I just want to say, if you can guide Pori Moni in the right way, the industry will also benefit, the life of Pori Moni will be better,” Kazi Hayat added.

It is to be mentioned that RAB arrested Pori Moni on August 4. She was then charged under the Narcotics Act and spent the last 28 days in the police station and jail in that case.