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Popy wants Cineplex in every district

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 Published: 10:00 PM, 1 January 2019   Updated: 10:00 PM, 1 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Three times National Film Award-winning heroine Sadika Parvin Popy has performed many successful films. She has been working in the film industry over two decades, but she didn't have to look back. 

Already she has been contracted two films; 'Save Life' directed by Kazi Amirul Islam Shobha and Bulbul Biswas' 'Katpice'. Besides, she also working on under the directive of Arifur Zaman Arif, 'Kathgaray Sharat Chandra' and 'Shahasi Joddha' under the direction of Sadek Siddiqui.

Popy took part in the campaign for eleven parliamentary elections, like other celebrities of the showbiz. She has been seen in various places of the country including Dhaka for his favorite campaign. The star is very excited as her party win. But the work has not been fully successful right now, commented on Daily Bangladesh.

Asked why this was not successful, Popy said, "The work will be successful on the day our movie reaches the desired goal." Prime Minister is very sincere to the movie. Earlier, she had given a very big budget for the development of the film. But sadly, because of not being able to use the necessary sectors, I have heard that most of the budget has been refunded.

'I want our films to be in the world market. That's why we need improvement in our internal condition. The number of our theaters has decreased a lot. Besides, most of the theaters do not have an environment to enjoy. So I want the government to make at least one cineplex in every district.'

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