Police find ‘evidence’ of Pori Moni’s vandalism in clubs...

Dhaka, Wednesday   28 July 2021

Police find ‘evidence’ of Pori Moni’s vandalism in clubs

 Entertainment Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:00 PM, 23 June 2021   Updated: 03:00 PM, 23 June 2021

Pori Moni; Photo: Collected

Pori Moni; Photo: Collected

Pori Moni, the renowned actress of Dhaka film, recently sued Nasir U Mahmud, an executive committee (entertainment and culture) member of the Dhaka Boat Club, of attempted rape, murder.  

Five people, including Nasir – the main accused in the case, and Omi, the second accused, were arrested in the case filed by Pori Moni.

But as the day goes on, the matter is becoming darker and deeper. DB police are working to find out what happened with Pori Moni at the Dhaka Boat Club at midnight on June 9. They even questioned eyewitnesses and those concerned. They will formally ask Pori Moni about the incident, said DB police.

The preliminary investigation reveals Pori Moni’s allegations do not match with the incident of the boat club, said the concerned in the investigation.

Meanwhile, the police have found evidence by checking all the CCTV footage of the vandalism and drunkenness of Pori Moni at the Gulshan All Community Club. Now the footage of the boat club is being examined. If necessary, the police can also interrogate Pori Moni and her accomplices.

Meanwhile, Pori Moni has been banned from various clubs and bars in the capital. The decision was taken after being “annoyed” with her various activities of vandalism in the clubs and bars. The authorities of the social clubs have discussed banning the Pori Moni “permanently”. 

If any member of the club is taken Pori Moni and someone like her or him, action will be taken against them. Not only that, in case of any untoward incident, the membership of the concerned member will also be canceled.  

Film producers, directors, artists and viewers have also supported the decision of the clubs and bars. They say the whole film industry cannot take the responsibility of an individual in any way. Pori Moni has done a lot of damage to Bangladeshi cinema and created negative perceptions about the film industry. Other actresses are also suffering due to her, they said.