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Dhaka, Tuesday 22 Jan, 2019

Poisoned in Dried fish increase health risk

Cox’s Bazar CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar produces dried fish in coastal areas in the ’80s. From that on, production of the dried fish has got wide publicity across the country.

Traders started exporting these in different countries including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Kuwait. Foreign currency is achieved every year by exporting dried fish. The government gets a huge amount of revenue from this sector.

But toxic poison is being mixed with dried fish. The manufacturers have been poisoning for a long time to keep the dried fish lasting and dry easily. Physicians and fisheries officials said that insecticides and poisons that are mixed to produce dried fish are very harmful to the human body.

Due to the use of salt, poison and various types of insecticides every year, the dried fish heritage of Najirartek of Cox’s Bazar city is losing. The popularity of the dried fish is losing the confidence to the fish loving people. Due to the dried fish business has started to collapse, fishermen are also being unemployed.

The dried fish industry is located in the city's Najirartek. And Lagoa Mohal (industry) is located beside the sea. Dry fish was prepared in the sun by drying raw Kacha Churi, Loitta, Coral, Lakkha, Chapa, Marietta, Faishsha, Shrimp, Popa, Rangachoki, Guijya from the sea.

But before the drying of the fish through the workers, the owners of dried fish industry are using two kinds of insecticides and poisons called ‘Mortar 48 EC and Dinesen’. These two types of insecticides are mixed with water first. Then raw fish are dipped in insecticides. After mixing the salt, the fish was baked in the mud and dried in the sun. The insecticides are also used even in drying.

President of Fisheries and Multipurpose Co-operative Society of Najirarket of Cox’s Bazar City, Atiq Ullah Chowdhury said, “There is no hesitation to accept. I used to use salt, poison and various types of unhealthy pesticides during drying the dried fish to prevent insect-infestation without knowing. And due to this, a question raised from different sources about the quality of dried fish.”

Cox's Bazar District Fisheries Officer Abdul Alim said that many manufacturers of dried fish are being told to not use poison or pesticides. They are being trained in different ways. But they do not maintain it. Even not being aware. Poisoned mixed tactically in dried fish production.

Councilor Aktar Kamal of Municipality’s Ward No 1 said, “At least Tk 5 crore of dried fish from Najirarket are provided every week in different parts of the country. About 20 thousand workers are involved in this dried fish production. Many manufacturers may use pesticides secretly in dried fish. Many people use pesticides so that the insects cannot attack.”


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