Pickpocketers’ outrage hamper passengers in train...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

Akkelpur Railway Station

Pickpocketers’ outrage hamper passengers in train

 MA Jalil Rana, Joypurhat daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 07:19 PM, 11 January 2020   Updated: 07:20 PM, 11 January 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The train passengers from four upazilas of two districts, Akkelpur-Khetlal of Joypurhat and Badolgachi-Pattitala upazilas of Naogaon, who regularly travel by Akkelpur Railway Station in Joypurhat are being victimized by pickpocketers almost in every day. 

The common scenario for a traveler of the station is missing money in the pockets and bags, cell phones as well as valuable documents that causing frustration among travelers. The Akkelpur Railway Station has become a panic for travelers in the wake of the pickpocket.

Meanwhile, though railway police did not acknowledge receiving any complaint in this regard the victims said the opposite. The passengers complained that it is vain to inform Santahar police as well as authorities have not been able to identify the pickpockets even after having a closed circuit camera (CCTV) at Akkelpur Railway Station.

The officials and staff of Akkelpur Railway Station have informed that a united pickpocket group has been formed at Akkelpur Railway Station. In the last one month, more than half and a hundred passengers lost more than Tk three lakh, cell phones and valuable documents that especially been happened at the trains going to Dhaka.

However, CCTV cameras have been installed at 13 points of the railway station for security issue as well as a monitor has been set up in the station master's room from there the whole railway station is being monitored, but so far no one has been identified as ‘pickpocket united group’.

The victims said that one or two members of the united pickpocket group already taken place at the railway station before the train left and target the train passengers by taking the information about where she/he will sit. After that, they inform the other members of their group, and then they gather at the train gates of the carriages.

As the passengers hurriedly board the train, members of the pickpocket group pick up passengers’ money, bags, cell phones and valuable documents. Someone notices their losings after getting on the train and someone after reaching the destination. 

A passenger Golam Azam said, “We were 20 to 22 people going to Dhaka from Akkelpur railway station last month. Eight of us have faced pickpocketing. After the incident, I informed the Railway Police and Akkelpur Police Station though no action was taken.”

In this regard, Hasibul Islam, station master of Akkelpur Railway Station, said, “The incident of pickpocket is being heard almost everyday. As these are being happened inside the carriages the pickpocket has not been able to identify through CCTV.”

Manjar Ali, Inspector of the Railway Police Station of Santahar, said, “I do not know about the incident of a pickpocket at Akkelpur station, none have complained about it yet.”