Photos of stray dog removal on Facebook are fabricated: DSCC...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Photos of stray dog removal on Facebook are fabricated: DSCC

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 09:10 PM, 19 September 2020  

Photo: DSCC

Photo: DSCC

The Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has claimed that the photos circulating about the removal of stray dogs from the capital is misleading and fabricated, saying that “it was an attempt to question the image of the DSCC.”

The DSCC demanded this in a press release sent to the media on Saturday. 

DSCC saw a number of photos circulating on Facebook where one picture shows a dog being killed and taken to an open truck and another shows many dead dogs being killed and left by the sewers. The photos are completely fabricated and distorted, according to the press release, saying the “DSCC is requesting everyone to refrain from promoting such pictures.” 

It is said that conscious citizens will understand if they notice the truck has the word ‘Ministry’ written on the back. But since the transport department of DSCC is quite rich, the corporation never uses any ministry vehicle or there is no need to use it. So the car is definitely not from DSCC. 

The DSCC has not killed or is killing any stray dogs, the press release also said, adding, “Therefore, a person or a group or an organized group is abusing social media by fabricating false, fabricated and distorted photos and questioning the image of DSCC.”

The city dwellers of Dhaka and the general public of the country were requested not to be distracted by such propaganda. If this malpractice continues, DSCC will be forced to take legal action against the perpetrators through the ‘Digital Security Act 2018’.