People of 48 villages suffering for collapsing bridge...

Dhaka, Thursday   24 September 2020

People of 48 villages suffering for collapsing bridge

 Md. Abu Kawsar Ahmed, Tangail

 Published: 09:21 PM, 20 July 2020   Updated: 09:46 AM, 21 July 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Two UPs have been flooded in the Jhenai River at Kamutia Uttarpara on the Deoli-Kamutia road adjacent to the Basail Upazila in Tangail and a bridge in the Chhankapara area on the Basail-Kanchanpur road has been broken, resulting in the extreme suffering of about 48 villages in both areas. The road at Kamutia Uttarpara in Kashil UP and the bridge in Chhankapara area of Kanchanpur UP broken on Thursday.

Every year the houses on the banks of the river break down due to the rising water of the Jhenai river. This year, the Deoli-Kamutia road in Kashil UP has been severely damaged due to continuous rains for the last few days.

The water of the Jhenai river started flowing on the road on Thursday morning due to rising and strong current. Later in the afternoon, 50-60 hands broke the road with a loud noise. Gradually the erosion increased further. , Sehrail, Mahishkhali, and about 26 villages were flooded. As a result, the roads in the area were submerged and the traffic was stopped. 

Rupchan Ali of Kashil village said, "We are suffering due to the collapse of roads and bridges." We have to travel for more than a few kilometers. So I demand to build the bridge again in a short time. 

Hazrat Ali of Kamutia village said that there is a lot of suffering due to the floods. No work. On the other hand, children and cows and calves are having a hard time. 

Meanwhile, the flood water entered various areas of Kanchanpur UP after the Basail-Natiapara paved road was submerged from last Wednesday afternoon. Due to this, a huge current fell on the bridge of Chhanpara on Basail-Kanchanpur road. The demolition began on the south side of the bridge on Thursday morning. In the afternoon the bridge suddenly collapsed. As a result, people of 20 villages including Kanchanpur Dakshinpara, Paschimpara, Yautuki, Mateshwar, Sonarchar, Chhankapara, Kodaliyapara, Sahapara, Kazirapara, Kamarpara, Shaknayerchar, Fatehpur of Mirzapur Upazila, Pardighi and others have suffered. 

Rozdid Ahmed, an engineer from Basail, said the 11-meter bridge was built in 1992-93 through CARE Bangladesh. Even so, the bridge was at risk. The higher authorities have been informed about the collapse of the bridge. Proposal for the construction of the new bridge has been sent. I hope to be able to start work on the new bridge as soon as the water recedes. 

He added that more than 50 meters of the road were broken in Kamutia. As the road is on the banks of the Jhenai river, we hope for the cooperation of the Water Development Board to repair it.