People of 18 professions do not need Movement Pass...

Dhaka, Thursday   06 May 2021

People of 18 professions do not need Movement Pass

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 04:49 PM, 15 April 2021   Updated: 05:09 PM, 15 April 2021

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A ‘strict lockdown’ is underway across the country to tackle COVID infection. Strict restrictions have been imposed on movement. Police have instructed to go out with ‘Movement Pass’ in case of emergency.

However, banks, factories, hospitals and emergency services are also opened during the lockdown. People of these professions were not obliged for ‘Movement Pass’, however, the police have taken action against many people – which has led to ‘misunderstandings’.

About this, the police headquarters informed Movement Pass is not required for the movement of “people of 18 professions”. They can come and go to the workplace just by showing their identity card.

Those who are exempt from the strict lockdown – 

1. Doctor
2. Nurse
3. Medical staff
4. People involved in COVID vaccine/treatment/staff
5. Banker
6. Bank’s other staff
6. Journalist
6. Media cameraman
9. Telephone/internet service worker
10. Private security guards
11. Officers/employees involved in emergency services
12. Office-going government officials
13. Workers/employees involved in the factories/garments
14. Members of law enforcement forces
15. Members of the fire service.
16. Postal workers
17. Person/officer involved with electricity, water, gas and fuel
18. Port-related person/officer