People leaving Dhaka over shutdown hints...

Dhaka, Saturday   31 July 2021

People leaving Dhaka over shutdown hints

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 06:48 PM, 25 June 2021   Updated: 06:55 PM, 25 June 2021

People leaving Dhaka over shutdown hints

People leaving Dhaka over shutdown hints

The National Advisory Committee has recommended a 14-day nationwide shutdown to curb coronavirus delta-variant and deaths in the country.

Hearing this news, people have been leaving the capital for home by alternative means since Friday.

Hundreds of people have seen waiting for bus at Gabtali, Dhaka-Mawa road, Dhaka-Chattogram road, one of the roads at the entrance and outside of the capital.

As the movements of public transports are restricted, people returning home keep changing vehicles with extra fare.

Meanwhile, no vehicle is being allowed to enter or leave Dhaka without urgent need. However, it is not possible to stop people.

A businessman named Rakib Hasan said, "I will not be able to do anything in Dhaka if there is a shutdown. So I am returning home after getting the news of shutdown. What will I do in Dhaka if the pavement business is closed?

Wadud Mia, a van driver, said boats, buses, and other public transports have remained closed. But in this situation, many people are going home in various alternative means including covered vans, private cars and motorcycles as they do not get vehicles. I can't drive the van if it shuts down. I came here after getting the news. I will go home in any car with several times more fare according to the situation." 

Junaid Ahmed, a construction worker, said people were leaving for Dhaka by trucks, covered vans, motorcycles, and private cars. I will return home either way.

Earlier, the National Advisory Committee on Covid-19 has recommended for at least 14 days nationwide shutdown on Thursday.