Alexa Penumbral lunar eclipse today

Dhaka, Sunday   23 February 2020


Penumbral lunar eclipse today

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 Published: 02:21 PM, 10 January 2020  



A penumbral lunar eclipse — first lunar eclipse of the decade occurs when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are imperfectly aligned — is scheduled to occur on Friday. 

If the sky is clear, the years’ first lunar eclipse will be seen in Bangladesh. 

The Inter-Services Public Relations Department (IRPR) has said that the moon becomes completely immersed in the penumbral cone of the Earth without touching the umbra. 

The time of the eclipse will start at 11:07:45 pm and will end at 3:12:24 am. 

Moon and Earth move in their orbit when the Sun, Earth, and Moon come in the same straight line and the earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon, the shadow of the earth falls on the moon as the Moon and Earth move in their orbit. The moon covers partially for some time when viewed from Earth. This phenomenon is called the Lunar Eclipse.

The Eclipse can be seen from Asian countries. Also, this can be seen from countries in Australia, Africa, North America, the eastern side of South America. The lunar eclipse can be seen with empty eyes.