Passengers suffer at Jamalpur station to collect tickets...

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Passengers suffer at Jamalpur station to collect tickets

 Deloar Hossain, Jamalpur

 Published: 05:48 PM, 19 June 2019   Updated: 05:49 PM, 19 June 2019

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Geeting a train's ticket in Jamalpur railway station is very tough and it is not new problems. Passengers  suffering no know bound due to collect a ticket. If you come in the counter and wits for hours you may not get tickets. And if you get the tickets, you won't get seats and it's continue for over the year.

There are four intercity trains from this station. These are Teesta Express, Ekata Express, Brahmaputra Express and Agnibina Express. These trains left Jamalpur for Dhaka every day. But there is no sufficent tickets as per passengers. On the other hand, 50% tickets are sold by online and remaining 50% of the tickets go to the black market.

The administration reduced the black market to a little while by operations than the previous. What ever steps taken by administration their black marketing is not stoped. Their networks is also very long. They collect tickets from Tarakandi, Sarishabari, Dewanganj, Islampur, Melandah via Margi.

Going to Jamalpur railway station platform on Tuesday our correspondent found that hundreds of women and men stood for tickets for long time in front of the counter with their young children. They are going to Dhaka withouts seats.

From May 2 this year, 50 percent of the total ticket sales started online through the railway services. As a result, the counting of tickets for all trains in the counters has been reduced. For this reason ordinary passengers can not collect any tickets during the train from the counter. As there is no extra tickets for VIP passengers, they are confused with the station master every day.

Jamalpur railway station master Shahabuddin claimed that certain train tickets could be blocked for VIP passengers before. Before leaving the train, the VIP passengers could cooperate with the ticket. Now that block system is no longer. The scheduled train ticket was sold 10 days before the train journey. Besides, the pressure on the counters of the counters has increased due to 50 percent of total tickets being sold through online.

Abdus Salam, a passenger on Dayamaee Road, said that most of the 50 percent of tickets kept for sale through online were going to the black market by some unscrupulous people. And so there was a lot of ticket crisis in the ticket counters.

Train passenger Kalam Mia of Dewanpara area of the city said, "After not getting any tickets from the counter and I have collected a complimentary ticket of Agnibina Express by Tk 800. That's 6 times than the normal rate. 

 Sheikh Ujjal Mahmud, Assistant Station Master of Jamalpur Railway Station said, the number of tickets in the counters has been reduced as half the number of train tickets are being sold by online.

Fazlul Huq Akand, the pannel mayor of Municipality No. 1, said, "We can not collect tickets from the counter anyhow if there is a sudden need to go to Dhaka for emergency work. Therefore, we are forced to buy ticket at extra price from black marketers.

Jahangir Selim, general secretary of Jamalpur district unit of the Combined Social Movement said that at least two more inter-city trains are required by Dhaka-Jamalpur railway to handle the pressure of the passengers. Hopefully the railway authority will certainly consider the matter.