Papiya used 12 Russian beauties as bait for VIPs

Dhaka, Wednesday   01 April 2020


Papiya used 12 Russian beauties as bait for VIPs

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 01:27 PM, 26 February 2020   Updated: 04:16 PM, 26 February 2020

Shamima Nur Papiya; Photo: Collected

Shamima Nur Papiya; Photo: Collected

Shamima Nur Papiya used 12 Russian women to seize a huge amount of money from VIPs. She told this in a confessional statement on the first day of remand. 

The VIPs’ immoral activities were captured in special cameras. Later, a huge amount of money taken from them by threatening to spread the videoes. Husband Mofizur Rahman Chowdhury Sumon assisted Papiya in these baits, according to investigating officers, quoting Papiya. 

Investigating officers also revealed that Papiya and her husband Sumon formed a large network of illegal businesses in Dhaka and Narsingdi which even extends to Thailand.  

She used foreign girls as well as native girls to entertain high-profile people at a luxurious hotel in Gulshan. They later seized a huge amount of money by intimidating them to spread the video clips contained in secret cameras. In fear of losing honor, those VIPs could not go beyond the words of Papiya and Sumon.

The numbers of many influentials were being saved on Papiya and Sumon’s mobile phone. They also had regular contact with those people, said two officials of police and RAB.  

On the day of arrest, Papiya also threatened RAB officials by saying “the consequences will not be good”. She even tried to talk with some people on mobile phones at that time. But got no response. Later, mobile phones were taken from four people, including her, they also said. 

While checking the call list, the phone number of some of the ruling party leaders were found, the two officials mentioned. “We are investigating them.”

Senior police officers questioned the couple several times at the Airport Police Station on Tuesday. During this, they also revealed many VIPs’ names. 

“Papiya herself was actually a high profile,” an investigating officer told. “There is no such person with whom she is not acquainted. We are actually embarrassed to receive such information given by them during interrogation.” 

They were questioned by some senior police officers of the Uttara Division. Papiya was silent for some time when asked. However, she answered the questions shortly after, he added.  

Papiya mainly used young women for fraudulent activities. A month ago, she brought 12 Russian girls to Dhaka. From the interrogation, it was learned that some influential people helped her to bring them. Law enforcers are trying to find out those who assisted Papiya in the crime world.