Panishwar village on verge of collapse ...

Dhaka, Friday   23 October 2020

Panishwar village on verge of collapse 

 Brahmanbaria Correspondent

 Published: 04:34 PM, 16 October 2020   Updated: 04:35 PM, 16 October 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Although the flood and ongoing rains water started receding Panishwar village of Brahmanbaria's Sarail upazila is under threat due to erosion of the Meghna river. 

The Meghna river has devoured a number of rice mills and houses during the last couple of days in the  upazila due to the rising erosion for strong currents. However, the family members of the victims have been living under the open sky as the Meghna eroded their dwelling houses. 

It is reported that around 20,000 people in Panishwar village that locating on the banks of the river Meghna, there have hundreds of houses, more than two hundred business establishments and a total of 30 rice mills existing in there market. The Meghna river devours houses and business establishments in every year and that has been forced the village to be minimize in size. Due to illegal dredging, the course of the river has changed and hundreds of helpless families are losing their homes and businesses.

Hundreds of families left the village this week as they are in panic due to the erosion. The level of erosion is not decreasing as no planned steps have been taken to prevent erosion while about 150 feet of land was lost in the Meghna in one night. The locals are constructing security fences with bamboo to prevent erosion on their own initiative. Therefore, the affected families have demanded the cooperation of the government and construction of embankments on all four sides of the village.

A local said that the area has been eroding for about three years. Although a number of geo-bags have been discarded, the breakage is not being prevented. So now everyone is demanding to take initiative to build an embankment to prevent erosion.

Gautam Biswas, deputy assistant engineer at the Water Development Board of Sarail, said, "The financing had already been sought to drop the geo-bags to prevent erosion. The geo bags will be dropped on an emergency basis as soon as the money is received. Besides, a project worth Tk 6 crore has been sought for embankment. Necessary action will be taken to prevent erosion in the area as soon as it gets permission from the ECNEC meeting."