Pandemic coronavirus death toll exceeds 32,000...

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Pandemic coronavirus death toll exceeds 32,000

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 Published: 08:02 PM, 29 March 2020  

A coronavirus patient is being taken to hospital; Photo: Collected

A coronavirus patient is being taken to hospital; Photo: Collected

The death toll from the pandemic novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, stood to 32,144 globally, in the meantime, the number of confirmed cases is rapidly increasing as a total of 683,640 people affected by the deadly virus so far.

The number of cases and deaths by coronavirus was reported until 7:55 pm on Sunday, according to Worldometer.    

Earlier, the number of confirmed cases by the virus was reported 663,079 globally on Saturday where the death toll was 30,857. The virus took the lives of 1,143 people within 24 hours as the number of patients rose to 20,561.     

Coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan City, China on December 31 last year. The prevalence of the virus has increased manifold since the beginning. United States is the most affected country by the virus till now, according to live data from Worldometer – where 123,828people were affected and the death toll stood at 2,229.

Italy is the next to the US in the case of infected, but the death toll is much higher than any country – 92,472 people infected from the virus with death toll exceeds 10,023.

On the other hand, no one has been infected with coronavirus in the past 48 hours, according to the report of the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) on Sunday. Earlier, there were a total of 48 cases – of them 15 people are recovered after treatment. “They were all mildly affected,” informed the IEDCR.  

China is widely criticized for its coronavirus outbreak worldwide. Western media and politicians, in particular, have been pointing to China since the beginning. However, China has been fighting against the virus strongly since the beginning. In fact, many experts are said that if China had not handled the situation strictly from the beginning, the world situation would have been even worse.

Although the situation in China is now under control, many countries, including Italy, United States, Spain, Germany, are unable to bring down death cases.

It becomes a matter of perturbation as to how hundreds of people are dying every day. The death toll in Italy has exceeded 10,000 in just 36 days, according to estimates by the country’s Department of Health.

Doctors say the coronavirus can cause infections in the lungs of humans and animals. The virus is spreading from person to person through a cold or flu-like cough. The main symptoms of the virus are dyspnea, fever, cough, pneumonia, etc. Moreover, one or more organs of the body may become inactive which can cause death.

The only way to prevent the virus is to stay away from infected people. Therefore, Chinese scientists have suggested seeking doctors if such symptoms occur in the human body.