Paintings of rainbow colors on trees at UP premises...

Dhaka, Monday   06 December 2021

Paintings of rainbow colors on trees at UP premises

 Kaliganj (Gazipur) Correspondent

 Published: 07:24 PM, 26 October 2021   Updated: 07:31 PM, 26 October 2021

Painting on a tree; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Painting on a tree; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Different paintings of rainbow colors on tress have been seen on the premises of Kaliganj Upazila Parishad (UP) in Gazipur.

On the spot, it was seen that paintings have been done in almost all the trees at the UP office premises. The paintings in the trees with thousands of stories of humans, natures, histories of Bangladesh, were initiated by UNO Md. Shibli Sadiq has already caught the attention of the locals.  

Painter Ahsan Habib Saju’s painting in the trees on the UP premises is now attracting the attention of service recipients and service providers in the upazila. Ordinary people are also fascinated by this painting on the tree.

Paintings have been done in trees at Kaliganj UP premises

The upazila administration organized a painting with talented young artists in the upazila. Another local painter Aynal Hossain of Darisom village of the upazila assisted the painter Ahsan Habib Saju in this work. 

Painter Ahsan Habib Saju has shown his talent in these paintings. However, the artist’s paintings have created a special identity very easily. Only an artist who is in love with nature can express such thoughts, as proved by Saju’s paintings.

While talking with painter Saju, he said he tried his best to highlight the relationship between nature and trees. If nature survives, people will live, birds and life will live. Every life in creation is intertwined.

Paintings have been done in trees at Kaliganj UP premises

“We have reached the pinnacle of civilization, but we have not yet awakened the conscience of education of protecting trees,” painter Saju said, adding that with his painting on trees, he reminded people that the trees have also lives and youths. “Trees are being killed in the same way that people were killed in the primitive age.”

Aynal Hossain, a local art shopkeeper, said he has an art shop in Kaliganj and works on various types of signboards or wall-writing, but he had a lot of fun in collaborating on this work as he had never done this before. “It feels very good after painting on the trees. However, it seems that I did something for nature, not for work or income,” he expressed his joy.

Asaduzzaman Ershad, a UP resident and working in the cooperative office, said that the whole upazila has been decorated with colorful colors on trees. It looks very good. “After working all day, I feel tired, but when I see the paintings on the trees, it gets better in no time,” he added.

Paintings have been done in trees at Kaliganj UP premises

Another resident of the UP, teacher Shahnaz Akhter, said that the use of paintbrushes on the trees has added a different dimension to the premises of the Upazila Parishad.

When asked about the paintings, UNO Md. Shibli Sadiq replied everyone loves the rainbow. The rainbow can be seen after the black clouds in the sky. “We tried to use seven colors in Saju’s painting work. I believe that no matter what happens in the world, everyone’s mind becomes refreshed by seeing the rainbow colors,” he said.

UNO Md. Shibli Sadiq hoped that there will be a different life for all in the Upazila Parishad premises due to the paintings.