Padma Bridge’s length surpasses Jamuna...

Dhaka, Tuesday   24 November 2020

Padma Bridge’s length surpasses Jamuna

 Munshiganj Correspondent

 Published: 12:50 PM, 19 October 2020   Updated: 03:56 PM, 19 October 2020

Padma Bridge’s length surpasses Jamuna, 4950m now visible

Padma Bridge’s length surpasses Jamuna, 4950m now visible

The 33rd span ‘1-C’ of the Padma Multi Purpose Bridge has been installed on the 3rd and 4th pillars on Monday at Mawa point of Louhoganj, making the bridge visible 4950 kilometers. At the same time, the Padma Bridge, one of the mega projects of the country, surpassed the Jamuna Bridge.

The span was installed around 12:10 pm on Monday, confirmed engineers involved in the Padma Bridge project.

Earlier in the morning, the 3,600-ton Tian E floating crane set off from Mawa Construction Yard carrying the 150-meter-long and 3,140-ton span. It then crossed a distance of about one kilometer and reached the 3rd and 4th pillars of the bridge.

According to the engineers, there are 8 more spans left to be installed on the Padma bridge -  which will sit on 9 more pillars. The spans are ready at the Mawa Construction Yard.

Meanwhile, 1000 road slabs have been placed out of 2,917 road slabs on 41 spans. Besides, 1,600 out of 2,959 railway slabs have been installed for the railway line.

The bridge became visible on September 30, 2017, with the installation of the first span at Pillar No. 37-38 at the Jazira end of the bridge. As of May 30 this year, 28 spans have been installed at Jazira Point.