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Marcel brings 50 models of home appliances for winter

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 Published: 07:59 PM, 3 November 2018   Updated: 07:59 PM, 3 November 2018



Local electronics and electrical appliances manufacturer Marcel has brought nearly 50 various sorts of home appliances over the winter season.

To meet the target, Marcel undertook some timely initiative like showcasing huge number of models of home appliances, introducing new models, creating sufficient stocks in the outlets, bringing diversity in the product's design, reshaping marketing strategies etc.

Centering this winter, the local brand has brought 19 models of rice cooker, 6 models of pressure cooker, 4 models of electric kettle and iron, 3 models of microwave oven and room heater, 8 models of blender, one model of energy efficient induction cooker.

Among these, Marcel newly released one model of microwave oven and blender.
Besides, there are two models of electric kettle and microwave oven in the upcoming list of the local brand's home appliances.

Marcel officials said that the customers' reliance on Marcel products is increasing every year. This year, the sales of Marcel home appliances have been increased by more than 30 percent in the period of January to September period compared to the sales of the same period of the previous year.

Marketing executives of home and electrical appliances division of Marcel said, they experienced higher demands of their produced induction cooker and room heater during the last year's winter season.

Dr Md Shakhawat Hossen, head of sales of Marcel, said, sales of their home appliances during the last of couple of winters were quite satisfactory. This year, he said, they set a target of grabbing a remarkable portion of the local demands of the home appliances during winter.

To this extent, he said that they completed all of their preparation before the advent of winter.

Along with the home appliances, Marcel is manufacturing and marketing world-class frost and non-frost refrigerators, freezers, LED televisions, air conditioners, generators, electric fans, electric switch-sockets, acid led rechargeable batteries, air coolers, kitchen cookware, gas stoves, rechargeable lamps and torches, stabilizers and protectors, water purifiers etc.

Mentionable, Marcel is providing swift and after sales services to the users through its ISO standard service management system, where around 2,500 engineers and technicians were employed.

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